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Welcome to my website! My name is K.D. Marley and I am a third generation Californian, raised in San Jose. Previous pursuits have included majoring in philosophy at San Jose State University, a stint as a stand-up comedian, and working as a paralegal for over 20 years.  I hope to be authoring my way into retirement, enjoying my efforts and hopefully helping and entertaining others.

I broke out of the city and headed for more sparsely populated rural areas at my earliest opportunity, and now divide my time between coastal San Mateo County and the foothills of the San Joaquin Valley.

In 2013-2014 I found myself as Power of Attorney holder and co-trustee for my parents’ estate, which prompted the writing of “Seal Your Own Fate: Estate Plan Essentials to Ensure a Smooth Road Ahead,” my first estate planning book. I am currently working on my second book, “30 Years Sober – a look back on alcohol recovery.”

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