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Do you know what your loved ones will do when you become ill or incapacitated? Do they? Do you have a plan? Are you sure it covers everything? This informative and straight-forward book will give you essential tools you need to ensure that your end-of-life journey will be traveled your way, and that your loved ones will know exactly how to assist you through the process. This book is for you if you don’t want to leave the last months weeks and days of your life to chance.

This book is for you if you wonder if your current estate plan is adequate to ensure that your wishes will be honored and your loved ones cared for. This is for you if you have seen or experienced a bad estate plan that falls short when real life shows up, and you want something better for yourself and for the people you will leave behind after you’ve gone from this Earth. Estate plans are good at assuring people that they are covered in their time of need, but are not really geared toward making life easy for those left behind. My parents’ end-of-life journey made clear to me how important it is to make a solid detailed plan. I urge you to learn from my experience. I urge you to make a plan to give the gift of peace of mind to your loved ones when the crisis occurs, and make the transitions in life as seamless as possible.

SEAL YOUR OWN FATE provides tips for brainstorming essential elements to include in your estate plan by asking yourself important questions you may have missed: • Who will your loved ones need to contact in your time of need? Not just your lawyer and your doctor. • What do your loved ones need to know about your health? Not just the medications you take and the doctor you see. • Who has your power of attorney? Are you sure you have chosen wisely, for you and for that person? • Will your loved ones be able to access your resources to provide for you? A few account numbers are not enough to ensure your good care and your loved ones’ ability to act. Follow the advice in this book and you will be the one to decide how your end-of-life journey will go, and your loved ones will be able to accompany you on that journey instead of fighting bureaucratic battles created by your lack of planning. What’s stopping you from transforming your unpaved potholed road ahead into a smooth enjoyable journey? Transform your estate plan into a great plan now!

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