I don’t want to know about disgusting bodily failures of people I don’t know, or about the wretched sounding drugs that are created to “cure” them in all of these drug commercials!

What happened to cigarette commercials? At least the people were having a good time!

Now we have a profusion of pharmaceutical ads back-to-back with lawyer commercials recruiting plaintiffs for lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies! Okay, I know, I watch too much television, but seriously!?

Resist the propaganda people! If the ads aren’t successful, they will disappear. And remember, our doctors used to recommend cigarettes. Think about it. It’s your health, your decision and your responsibility.

Even if I have a disease, I don’t want to hear about it on television while I’m trying to enjoy myself. Isn’t there enough misery without my favorite comedy show being interrupted every 10 minutes by an ad confronting me with a new miserable human condition and a drug that claims to cure it? And the side effects! What planet am I living on? Younger people may think all this has some connection to reality. I’ll let you in on a secret; it doesn’t.

#bigpharma #tvads

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