Step 10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

Alcoholics Anonymous World Service (2014-01-05). Alcoholics Anonymous (Kindle Locations 1185-1186). Kindle Edition.

Now this step doesn’t sound like a step at all! It says to just keep doing the prior nine steps over and over. Boring, right? Well, not really. Working the first 9 steps cleared me of the garbage I had gclear-the-clutterathered over the course of my entire life. Step 10 is learning to handle issues right away, when they come up.

A great gift from Step 9 was finding out that the things I had done were not that horrible. I learned that digging a deep hole within myself where I hid feelings and secrets about wrongdoing only caused those things to grow into terrifying monsters that made me miserable and led me to drink. Handled immediately, as they come up, the bad feelings and wrong acts are much easier to sort out and clear away.

When handled immediately, not one issue has burrowed in so deep as to make me drink again. Maybe this borinnietzsche-hardship-climber-success-perseveranceg step is the most exciting of all!

I have been able to work the steps in other ways, in less restrictive frameworks, in more creative environments and resulting in equal joy. For example, I have found healing in traditional psychotherapy, retreats, self-help books, meditation and plain daily life.

AA is like kindergarten. I could not move on to first grade without it, and sometimes I need to return to it when third grade has become too much for me, but it is not all there is. Using all the tools I find, I hope to move on to fourth grade some day…Decluttering-your-closet_FB-cover-600x314

The takeaway from this step for me is perseverance. Don’t give up. If the pain becomes too great, I go back to the beginning and try again. We don’t just do the important things in life once and move on, we must return again and again to the well for refreshment, or we will surely either die of thirst, or return to the poisoned well… #FARG #amwriting

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