So, my teeth have been bugging me for years, moving around and overlapping. I never needed braces as a kid, but after several crowns, I do. So, at 55, I decided to become that iconic ridiculous older person with braces. I had my doubts, though, about the pain and having my mouth imprisoned in concertina wire. So, i went with Invisalign, which is plastic trays that go on your upper and lower teeth and move your teeth around. Sounded good. Can’t see them, can take them out when you eat.

Well, not that simple of course. But then, what is? My neck and shoulders hurt. I read up on the Internet and find that it’s because the aligners make me want to clench. Hard. So, now I’m concentrating on not clenching. Fun.


First, it’s not just these little invisible aligner trays. There are little bumps of sharp stuff bonded to my teeth so that they grab the aligners to position things better, and there are rubber bands that have to go in there too. The up side is that the sharp bumps make me want to keep the aligners in so the sharp spots won’t cut my mouth.

coffee addict

The process has taken over my life. I’m a coffee addict. Not supposed to drink coffee with the aligners, or anything else except “cool water.” Coffee will stain them and/or melt them. So I take them out and before putting them back in, brush and floss and put the rubber bands back on, and then it’s time for lunch!

I cheat, of course. Drinking coffee through a Pyrex straw to try to keep it away from the aligners…

Thank goodness for Acceledent! … which will be my next rant.


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