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I thought Step 2 was tough, this was way too much! But, I wanted what people in Alcoholics Anonymous had, so I tried to keep an open mind.

What is this Step 3, this huge step? It has more parts than the two before it. Step 3 can be broken down to many more parts. What does it mean to turn over our “will” and our “life,” and what is “God” and how do we understand Him? Pretty overwhelming stuff for this alcoholic.
Keep it Simple

This is an Alcoholics Anonymous slogan that I have taken to heart and use in my life on a a daily basis, and it worked to get me through Step 3.

Made a decision. The first three words of the step tell you how much action you need to take to complete the step – “Made a decision.” That’s it. This step requires only that I make a decision. The hard part is understanding what it is I am to make a decision about.

turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him. In the spirit of keeping it simple, this boils down to doing my best to align my thoughts and behaviors with what I believe to be the creator of the universe. First and foremost, I don’t think that the creator would want me to destroy the creation, which includes myself and other people.

I found it useful to attend step study meetings, particularly for this step, and to recite the 3rd step prayer with my sponsor and on my own on a regular basis to help me to internalize my decision. In the step study meetings we can break the step down and discuss it in minute detail to help each other to understand what it really means for each of us.

That was enough for me to move on to step 4.

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